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   Aikido Philippines

Here are some helpful links regarding more information about the art of aikido and related subjects

Aikido Philippines Inc. Official HomePage of Aikido Philippines Inc.
Makiling Aikido Club Aikido Dobun: One Spirit... Four Souls... Three Elements... Eight Powers
Makiling Southside Aikido Club The Makiling Southside Aikido Club was established to offer self-cultivation and improvement through the practice of Aikido, the way of harmony.
AikiWeb: The Source for Aikido Information AikiWeb's principal purpose is to serve the Internet community as a repository and dissemination point for aikido information.
The Aikido FAQ Great site! contains lots of information, pictures and other multimedia.
Aikido World Web Journal A very informative website containing lots of articles, news, photos and listings. is dedicated to changing the popular perception of martial arts, from that of exercise and self-defense, to a path of personal and spiritual growth.
BlackBelt.TV World's greatest fights, world's greatest fighters
Judo Information Site The world's biggest virtual Judo club, with comprehensive information about the sport and art of Judo. These pages are updated daily
Kendo World Magazine Crossing swords and borders
Philippine Heart Center Center For Excellence in Cardiovascular Care

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Morihei Ueshiba

Congratulations to the Aikido Summer Program Graduates 2002 of the Philippine Heart Center Aikido Club and to the newly promoted senior and junior regular students.

Aikiphil is offering a complete weapons set consisting of a ken, tanto, jo and carrying case for Php 1,600.00. All materials are of high quality. Those interested can contact us through this e-mail.

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