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          Otani Sensei and Minegishi Sensei took turns teaching, and the participant's witnessed their contrasting teaching styles. Otani Sensei emphasized strong, subtle, powerful technique, while Minegishi Sensei emphasized soft, flowing, circular movements. (Due to the country's hot climate, Yasue Sensei didn't teach, but he did practice with the seminar participants and share some of his experience with them.)
           To cap the three days of activity, an anniversary dinner was held at the Century Park Sheraton Hotel. The guests of honor were presented with plaques by Aikido Philippines to show appreciation for their support and help in the organization and propagation of Aikido in this country.

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This article was taken from AIKIDO TODAY MAGAZINE, Vol. 17 No. 3, dated May/June '03

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Morihei Ueshiba

Congratulations to the Aikido Summer Program Graduates 2002 of the Philippine Heart Center Aikido Club and to the newly promoted senior and junior regular students.

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