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Dojo FAQ

Am I required to wear a Do-gi (practice uniform) on my first day?
You can wear a t-shirt and jogging pants if ever you still don't have a gi. Jogging pants is preferable because some of the techniques require kneeling and also shiko (walking while kneeling), so it would not be too difficult for the knees.

What about footwear?
Aikido is practiced barefoot on mats.

Is there a specific type of do-gi used? Where can I get one?
Aikido requires the gi commonly used in karate or judo (taekwondo uniforms have v-necks). If you have difficulty in acquiring one, you can order your gi from us.

Is the dojo properly equipped?
The dojo is situated in a very large function room and uses 30 blue MARUYAMATM mats which measures about 2 by 3 feet each. It is airconditioned and there are comfort rooms for men and women.

Are there any physical or age requirements in Aikido?
Aikido can be practiced by the young and old alike of both sexes. Regarding physical requirements, the techniques in aikido integrates blending or harmonizing with the force of your partner, hence physical strength here is not an issue.

Dojo Pictures

For further inquiries you can contact Beverly Vacaro or Joshua Navarro at the contact link or you can e-mail us. Please feel free to visit and observe!